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How do we look at a child that has been abused? How do most of us deal with child abuse when it happens to one of our loved ones?
Usually what I have seen is the attitude of, “How do we make this go away”. Most of us will do anything to avoid the subject. Talk is always big when the subject of child abuse is brought up, when truly faced with it, no one wants to deal with it.

When Japan invaded Pearl Harbor and attacked our serviceman, ships, planes, buildings, as well as innocent civilians, no one thought any of the above. We first cared for the wounded, assessed the damage, and then went to war to defeat the enemy.

That is the attitude we need to bring to our wounded children when they are attacked by those that would do harm to them. Love the abused, care for them and then regroup and together defeat those that would hurt our children, put these child predators away. Have real action plans for the child predators if they are released from prison.

This must be done with love and compassion for all involved.

I was supporting a 19 year old young lady the other day in court, and what I witnessed was one of the strongest, bravest women I have ever met. I witnessed her facing down her father, the one who abused her.

She had her new adoptive parents, law enforcement, family, even her community backing her 100%. After years of litigation she finally had her day in court. She finally faced him and on all counts, he was guilty as charged.

She was asked why she went through all of that, all she had to do was to move on and forget about it. Her answer was a simple one; I have a younger sister and brother in that house. Someone has to protect them; someone has to protect other children from this child predator.

Later I heard her talking to a family member where she asked, “What about tomorrow when this comes out in the paper? It will show that he was convicted of multiple counts of rape. They will all know, they will know what the abuse really was.”

This moment is what is burned in my mind. I had to hold back the tears when I heard this from her. You see she knew that she fully exposed what had happened to her unlike ever before. She knew it would be one of the hardest things she would ever have to do in her life, but she did it to save others.

She is no different than someone running into a burning building to save someone’s life. They know that they will receive burns in the process, maybe even die, but they go in any way to save someone.

She is no different than a soldier getting ready to climb onto a helicopter to safety, but turns around to go back into enemy fire to save/assist a wounded soldier.

She could have jumped into her new safe adopted family lives and never looked back at her sister or brother ever again. She could have never thought about any other unsuspecting kids getting exposed to this child predator.

No one would have ever thought any different of her, but she did it anyway. She stayed on the attack for years until she had her final day in court. There she exposed and faced down her father. This is where she saved others. That is why she is a true hero. She made a great sacrifice so that other children could be safe.

So when a child predator invades our children’s innocence, are we going to hope it goes away, or are we going to declare war and join/support our abused children as they take down the enemy? Are we going to band together and face the abuse down together? Are we going to put laws in place to protect our children?

What I witnessed the other day was one brave young lady, showing more courage than I have ever seen from one person, in my lifetime. She was able to do this because of all of the great love and support she had from her family, church, friends, local law enforcement, and her community as a whole.

I hope she clearly understands that although she will have scars from a battle she never wanted to be in, she bravely faced the enemy and took him out to save others. I hope she carries that bravery, that heroism with her forever and for always.

God bless this wounded Hero, I love you for what you have done.
I hope this story gives the silent, the strength and the courage to take on their abuser, no matter how long it has been. I hope as well that the rest involved have the courage / strength to support those that have been abused.